Art is one of the core pillars of civilization. From the Colosseum in ancient Rome to the proliferation of beautiful Medieval churches that dot Europe, to the magnificent museums that inhabit all great cities today, art is a reflection of us. You could say that art is one of the defining characteristics of our species. 

However, when a child shows an aptitude in art or expresses a desire to make a career in art, they are advised to take a stable job or to have a backup plan. Sadly, most artists today are undervalued, underfunded, and underexposed. 

Art Blender is changing all of this. Through our interviews, Art Blender raises the visibility of the artist, increases their notoriety, and gives them an additional platform to tell their story and share their inspiration. Within these pages you will hear the stories of the well established and the up-and-coming. You will learn what makes the artist rise, and in some cases, fall. It's all here. From the well polished to the unvarnished. 

More importantly, Art Blender's core belief is that art has therapeutic value. Throughout the world, artists use their creations as a healing tool. In our interviews, we explore how people can improve their mental and emotional state just by experiencing or creating art. We discover our guest's personal journey and find out why they create, where their inspiration comes from and the healing process they experience by the act of creation. Whether it's writing, painting or performing, the artist comes out the other side as a changed person. By watching our episodes we hope the viewer gains insight into this unique healing process. Art Blender intends to provide a pathway for those who need it. We are more than entertainment. We are a community that unites around the idea of art as a healing power.

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