Sharon Lea - Host and Producer

It seems like all of Sharon’s professional history has led her up to this role as host and producer of Art Blender. Armed with a degree in English and spending her time on the musical stage, Sharon knows the questions to ask to get to the essence of an artist. Being a poet herself, Sharon understands the struggles an artist faces 


in today’s times. Sharon intends to use Art Blender, as a platform for the established and up and coming artist. Through Sharon’s personal history, she has learned that art can be a healing tool, as well as giving people confidence in their own voices.

Dan Powers - Executive Producer

An excerpt from Dan's Bio: Moving to video, this is an extension of photography. Expect it moves and has sound, has a different capture device and editing software. Other than that, it's just the same but different. Dan classifies himself 

as pathologically anti authoritarian. "During college I had the fortune to study under the great experimental filmmaker Will Hindle. Will taught us to shoot first and ask permission later. I carry that ethic with me today". When Dan is not out coaxing the unique out of the trival or sneaking up on unsuspecting subjects, he can be found playing in his band, The Dan Goghs

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